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Software Inventory, Part 2

In part 1 of this blog, we looked at what software inventory is and why it's problematic for business. Basically, software inventory is investment we have made (salary, taxes, benefits, servers, overhead, etc.) for which we are not yet realizing return or benefit (which can only be achieved by release to production use). Inventory is a problem because it ties up capital and we risk the inventory becoming "obsolete"--the user needs change or the technology no longer provides the desired value--producing less return than expected.

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Software Inventory, Part 1

How Much Software Inventory Do You Have?

IT Software InventoryWhen I ask this question of people in IT departments, even among senior managers and finance people, I get a variety of responses, such as:

"None. We don't manufacture stuff."

"We have a few servers in a data that what you mean?"

Or just a blank stare.

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