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Software Inventory, Part 2

Category: Blog
Created on Tuesday, 01 August 2017 10:25

In part 1 of this blog, we looked at what software inventory is and why it's problematic for business. Basically, software inventory is investment we have made (salary, taxes, benefits, servers, overhead, etc.) for which we are not yet realizing return or benefit (which can only be achieved by release to production use). Inventory is a problem because it ties up capital and we risk the inventory becoming "obsolete"--the user needs change or the technology no longer provides the desired value--producing less return than expected.

Agility Jump-Start Program

Category: Agility Jump-Start
Created on Tuesday, 03 September 2013 19:32

One of the top reasons people say their agile projects fail is that they don't have enough experience with agile! Training is important—developers need to learn agile skills—but it's not enough.

If you're adopting agile practices, you'll need training and you'll need experienced help.

Agility Software offers the cost-effective Agility Jump-Start Program. For the price of just training all your agile team members, you also get expert in-person help from Agility Software experts. And the program is scalable from one project team to a whole product line or multiple departments. (To achieve enterprise-wide agility, see our Agility Path™ Program.)

The Agility Jump-Start Program consists of four elements:

1. We'll train the developers, Product Owners, and Scrum Masters for your agile team. They'll get the latest generation of training from by licensed Professional Scrum Trainers. This is not abbreviated training; they'll get the entire course for every participant including the opportunity to achieve certification for Professional Scrum Master or Professional Product Owner.* If you need Kanban to manage complicated processes, we'll train you in that too!

2. We'll coach you through your project startup including identifying key Scrum roles and holding workshops to develop your initial Product Backlog. For Kanban, we'll help you with Value Stream Mapping and setting up your initial Kanban board.

3. We'll coach you through Product Backlog estimation, release planning (if needed), and your first Sprint Planning. During your first Sprint, we're available to help you work through the initial learning experience of actually doing Scrum!

4. Finally, we'll coach you through your first Sprint Review and Sprint Retrospective. We'll show you the best ways to review your product and to evaluate your processes to be on your path to continuous improvement and agile adoption.

For the cost of just training a typical Scrum team, you can get the Agility Jump-Start Program for the same price! Yes, for just the price to train your people, you get professional expertise, guiding you through every step of the way. And the Agility Jump-Start Program is offered for multiple teams, departments and organizations as well.

Contact us today for more information. We'll answer your questions and help you adopt agile practices right away.


* Professional Scrum Developer training and certification are also available as an Agility Jump-Start Program add-on.

Private Classes, Coaching, Consulting

Category: Private Classes, Coaching, Consulting
Created on Wednesday, 18 July 2012 19:06

Have questions about Agile? We have many options to work with your team and company to adopt agile software development practices.

If you are already working with agile yet struggling to make the pieces fit, we can assess your current practices and provide advice on how to accelerate your agile results.

We can provide private classes to developers, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, managers and executives. Classes in your facility saves you money and can provide for a more comfortable learning environment. We can arrange a package of courses to target your specific needs, on an individualized basis.

For most teams, training is not enough. On-going coaching is crucial to the successful adoption of agile techniques. An agile coach can also help you overcome sticking points: Daily Scrums not working? Retrospectives just gripe sessions? Are you looking for more velocity? We have coached many teams to better agile performance.

Assessments, classes, and coaching can be combined to more cost-effectively achieve your agile goals. Contact Agility Software  today and we can help you solve the puzzle of agile software development.